Alex, A Little Closer. (20)

Hi, I’m Alex. I’m twenty years old and I feel like time is running out.

My favorite color is blue and I hate my smile.

I’m terrible at dancing, but I can do a mean Macarena.

My real height is 5’7″ but I tell girls that I’m 5’8″.

I haven’t read a book in a long time.

I love baseball hats, hand veins, and blankets. In that order.

Chick Flicks and Ben & Jerry’s are my guilty pleasure.

I recently cut off all my hair, thinking it would help me take control of something and build confidence. Turns out I look like Elton John got into a bar fight. Needless to say, I’m growing it out again.

I wrote an entire album about a woman who will probably never hear it.

People have called me relentless. I consider it a compliment.

I still don’t know how to ride a bike. To be honest, I’m still pretty clumsy on my own two feet.

I hate poached eggs, slow drivers, and Crocs. In no particular order.

Twenty hasn’t been too kind to me, but I’m still kickin’.

I got a back injury last year that put my career on pause. I became angry and drowned in self pity. I finally healed, and I vow to never be that person again.

Top three favorite things about myself? My tattoos, my eyelashes, and my ability to light up the room (or so I’ve been told.)

I get excited every time I see a dog or a baby.

I believe in second chances, aliens, and doing the right thing.

Ugly Hawaiian shirts are becoming a part of my wardrobe, despite making me look like a typical dad.

I believe that Saturday nights were meant to stay up late with friends, and rainy Sunday mornings were meant for hot coffee and self reflection.

I tend to fall in love really hard and entirely too fast. I just can’t seem to fall in love with myself.

Seeing my credit score go up is literally a sexual turn on at this point.

I still chase sunsets like there’s no tomorrow.

My musical heroes are Elvis, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, and Michael Bublé.

I got my first gray hair at 16 and I have dyed my hair blonde ever since.

I am a lot of things. I’m loud, motivated, and curious.

But I am just as terrified of this world.

To put it simply, I’m Alex, a little closer.

One thought on “Alex, A Little Closer. (20)

  1. Keep you eyes on the prize!! For you are living the dream you’ve always wanted!! Loves comes and goes like the winds! Bloing from all directions and than it’s depleted!!! The love you desire is out there. Just don’t give up!!! There a reason the review mirror is smaller than the windshield! Where you came from isn’t as important as to where you’re heading!! Love ya, wanting noting but the best for you and Mom!!!

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