Little Pieces

I think one of the most beautiful moments of friendship is when little pieces of them stick to you– when you start doing or saying things like them. And you slowly start to become who you surround yourself with.

My friend Nancy always prays before she drives, and she always comes home safely. She does it in a way that makes me want to believe in God again. She selflessly goes out of her way to take care of those around her; often sacrificing her time and rest. Because of her, I am more mindful of opportunities to be kind. And like her, I want to be known for the way I love.

My friend Monica is a goal-oriented professional and the biggest goofball I know. She refuses to settle and always comes up with a plan to better herself– something I look up to her for. She pushes me to leap out of my comfort zone and succeed, and she is also someone I can unwind and laugh with. She believes in me so much that I do things to make her proud. And like her, I want to be known for relentlessly pursuing my endeavors.

My friend Diana is someone who I can turn to when I need a blunt answer. She is kind and loving, but she isn’t afraid to tell you the truth when it’s hard. She has a take-no-shit attitude, a heart of gold, and a sense of humor like no other. I have laughed with her until I’m out of breath countless times, and I have gotten advice from her I wouldn’t take from anyone else. And like her, I want to be known for being genuine, strong, and witty.

My friends Marin and Grant are a package deal, sewn at the hip. They are supportive beyond belief, no matter how far apart we are. They are true women; with stories to tell, go-getter attitudes, and quite possibly the purest hearts I know. Despite how long we can go without talking, we can always pick up right where we left off. And like them, I want to be known for the way I cheer people on with the purest joy one can feel.

Because of these women I am better. Because of them I am kinder, stronger, and more educated. And when I catch myself doing or saying things they would, I realize how lucky I am to be surrounded by such beautiful humans.

There’s not a word yet for old friends we’ve just met.

Jim Henson

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